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Domestic Foodservice

Spud-tacular Menus Showcase the Versatility of Potatoes

Innovation and creative recipe development has taken the lead in restaurants across the nation. Knowing potatoes are America’s #1 side dish and on 83% of menus, the challenge is to continue to offer familiar food to customers, yet stay on trend in an ever-evolving restaurant scene.

Following the Food Trends

Championing the world’s finest spuds requires ongoing culinary innovation while also generating wide exposure and engagement.

Innovation is at the heart of the domestic foodservice program. Potato culinary innovation sessions not only challenges the status quo, it taps into the hottest trends such as plant-forward dishes, using flavors and preparation methods from around the globe and creating dishes that are versatile for every daypart.

The dishes created through innovation sessions are continuously featured throughout Potatoes USA marketing programs, including presentations and demonstrations at foodservice shows, advertising, brochures, articles in leading foodservice publications, email campaigns, and videos. Engaging the foodservice industry through innovation is key to ensuring consumers have the opportunity to enjoy potatoes on more menus in more ways.

Award-winning Chefs Join in

Chef’s Roll, a networking and marketing avenue for chefs, has exploded onto the culinary and social media scene, providing an opportunity for foodservice professionals to showcase talent and culinary innovation, while also offering a social media platform to demonstrate cutting-edge techniques.

Through a partnership with Chef’s Roll, Potatoes USA has featured award-winning chefs, such as Shirley Chung and Rich Landau, to ideate fantastic potato dishes that inspire other chefs and restaurateurs to increase and innovate their potato offerings on menus.

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