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Research Reports


Date: 2020

Topic: Market Insights


This is a comprehensive report depicting the potato category’s penetration on menus across different segments, dayparts, cuisines, and much more. The data is collected by Datassential, a leading food industry research firm, and is from 4,800 restaurant menus across the United States.


  • Potatoes are on 84% of foodservice menus
  • Potatoes show growth across breakfast and lunch
  • Potatoes appear most often as part of a combo meal
  • The top three potato dishes at foodservice are: fries, mashed potatoes, and potato salad
  • The top three trending potato dishes at foodservice are: loaded drums, potato bar, and tater drums
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The consumer attitudes and usage study is conducted annually to gather insights on U.S. consumers, evaluating their attitudes towards foods and their dietary choices. The study also measures attitudes toward potatoes, specifically along with potato usage and consumption. (Study fielded January 2020, online with 2,000 respondents.)

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