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Cal-Ore Produce fuels trail runners with potato chips


During the Moore Mountain Trail Run in September of 2021, Ryan Finney from Cal-Ore Produce sponsored the main aide station for the 30k and the half Marathon runners. What did he fuel runners with? Potatoes, of course! As the main aid station, each distance hit the booth two times. While Finney handed out small bags of potato chips, racers commented on how much they love to fuel with potatoes. This comes as no surprise as many people in the trail running community look no further than potatoes as a go-to source of fuel that makes them feel good. Finney helped strengthen the potato performance messaging by decking his out booth with the potato performance branded material, a resource Potatoes USA rents out to the industry at no cost! After seeing the performance branded material, some runners were interested in learning more about the nutritional benefits of potatoes and were prompted to visit for more information.

Finney says that this was an excellent opportunity to get involved in the community and educate people about potatoes while making it exciting. He intends to host more potato aid stations at races in the future and encourages others in the industry to do the same!

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