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Research Reports

Total Store Study

Date: 2021

Topic: Retail Insights


To understand shopping habits for all potato categories at retail, Potatoes USA partnered with Kantar Insights Consulting to conduct a total store potato study. This study identified detailed opportunities for all potatoes throughout the store.


  • Not only is the perimeter of the grocery store important for increasing sales, but so is the center of the store.
  • In 2019, the majority of consumers were shopping the perimeter with only limited trips into the center aisles for essentials. In 2020, retailers saw a return to the center store categories and potatoes were included in this trend.
  • Frozen potatoes ended up seeing the highest increase in repeat purchasing compared to any other potato category.
  • Dehydrated potatoes also saw a lift. They are being purchased as part of a full meal, showing the convenience factor is a large contributor to the purchase decision.
  • Ninety-four percent of consumers are compelled to purchase potatoes after seeing information, packaging, and resources such as recipes, in-store.
  • Online sales for potatoes have significantly increased as consumers became more comfortable ordering perishables in 2020.
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Potato Retail Toolkit


Use this guide to educate employees and customers alike on the storage, handling, nutrition, and cooking methods of the various kinds of potatoes. This guide also provides insight into who is buying each different kind of potatoes, why they are buying that kind of potatoes, and how you can appeal to each demographic. You can then use the data to direct retail messaging both in-store and online to create stronger displays, more targeted and timely promotions, and social media engagement.

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