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Spread the Spud Love on Social Media

Potatoes are America’s Favorite Vegetable, so why not celebrate them all year long. From flavor to versatility, let’s share with everyone the many reasons to love potatoes. Feel inspired, spread spud love, and joy across your industry social media channels.

Click through the options below to discover ways you can engage your followers in celebrating potatoes throughout the year.

Celebrate Potatoes on National Days

Talking about potatoes all year is easy. Utilize National Holiday’s to spread the spud love. Encourage your followers to use potatoes in new ways. Help them see how potatoes fit into their diet, regardless of the time of year. Download the national holiday calendar and sample social media copy.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PotatoGoodness and #PotatoesFuelPerformance

Celebrate the Power of Potatoes


From powering the brain, to energizing the body, potatoes are fueling a new generation of active individuals.

We know that potatoes fuel performance, but consumers still need a reminder. Let’s champion both the physical and the mental performance benefits of potatoes and use social media to encourage individuals from all walks of life to use potatoes to fuel their everyday activities. From A.M. study sessions to P.M. Pilates sessions—the message is clear: Potatoes are Real Food for Real Performance.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PotatoGoodness and #PotatoesFuelPerformance

Celebrate All Potatoes

There are four different formats of potatoes: fresh, frozen, instant, and chip. Help consumers better understand all potatoes.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PotatoGoodness and #PotatoesFuelPerformance


For more tips, tricks, and fun ways to cook with potatoes visit our potato types page or our frozen and instant potato possibilities page.

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