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Growing Together: Meet Bruce Niederhauser, a Living Legacy of Potato Knowledge

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Bruce Niederhauser is a living legacy of potato knowledge. While he’s currently a crop consultant in North Carolina, his journey with potatoes started at the age of 10 in Mexico, where he was born.

Bruce’s father, John Niederhauser, was an American plant pathologist who joined the Rockefeller Foundation’s Mexican Agricultural Program. He earned the affectionate nickname “Mr. Potato” for his contributions to the global potato industry, which included working with other scientists to increase and improve the production of potatoes, along with corn and wheat.

As a child, Bruce would accompany his father to his research station, assisting him and his team with their experiments. He followed his father’s passion for potatoes and eventually moved to North Carolina, where he became a potato buyer for a large snack food provider. When his role shifted to international buying, he pivoted his career toward consulting.

As a consultant, Bruce relies on his extensive knowledge of farming techniques, soil science, pest management, market analysis and customer relations to help farmers enhance high-quality production of potatoes and other crops cost-effectively.

Bruce emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships, teamwork, and trust within the industry. He draws on his prior experience as a potato buyer to provide specialized advice to potato operations. Despite the challenges posed by unpredictable weather, he finds fulfillment in helping potato growers succeed.

Bruce believes that potatoes are a staple vegetable and envisions a bright future for potato production. His favorite way to enjoy potatoes is as a baked potato right out of the oven with butter, sour cream, and crispy skin—accompanied by a steak and salad.

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