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Fostering the Growth of Potatoes

Potatoes USA Production Research

The research team at Potatoes USA takes a holistic approach to advancing science and technology across the industry.

Through setting strategic direction, forging partnerships, and funding solutions to high-priority issues, we maximize the potato in every measure: agronomic performance, production value, environmental sustainability, nutrition, and more

Everything we do is motivated by the belief that America’s favorite vegetable, a crop essential to global food security, has earned its keep at the forefront of modern agriculture.

Current Production Research Initiatives

The Potatoes Research Advisory Committee:
Setting Objectives for Potato Research

National Chip Program:
Cutting Variety Development Timeline in Half

National Fry Processors Trial:
Expediting Development and Distribution

International Seed:
Sowing the (Potato) Seeds of Change

Variety Data Management

Selecting ideal potato varieties would not be possible without powerful data analytics and predictive algorithms. Variety Data Management (VDM), custom-built by Medius Ag, provides both.

Breeders, state associations, private companies and Potatoes USA log on to VDM for 24/7 access to information on specific varieties and their unique attributes.

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Read how VDM got its start.

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